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Keynote slides : The Future of News According to Ross Dawson

Below you will find Ross Dawson’s slides from his opening keynote at the International News Media Association (INMA) World Congress in New York this year. Ross has recently refocused on the future of news and media, and in this presentation he shares the many opportunities

How Facebook Is Changing Journalism

If Facebook’s algorithm smiles on a publisher, the rewards, in terms of traffic, can be enormous. What happens when individuals have access to the same algorithms as large companies? We’re already teaching ourselves to code for free, we’re learning how to hack into things –

Digital Media’s Trust Problem: It’s Still a Legacy World

Digital media outlets trailed far behind their older brethren in overall recognition and trust, according to the Pew Research Center’s “Political Polarization & Media Habits.” Established news outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC all logged total awareness near 90%, with overall

futuristgerd: Big Data, a set on Flickr. I think you guys may enjoy this:))

While traditional media continue their difficult decline, a cadre of the most innovative reporters, from Afghanistan to the Amazon, are quietly transforming journalism by harnessing the power of open data. Working in collaboration with civil society groups and governments, they are applying new digital tools

Good piece on Twitter and its future role in media (via Reuters)

Link: Good piece on Twitter and its future role in media (via Reuters) But last week, in the wake of the Boston bombings, some of those who previously viewed Twitter as an indispensable news source began turning against the service upon discovering that the wisdom

JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek

Link: JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek The so-called “death of Newsweek” seems like a major blow to the magazine industry, and perhaps the larger print media industry, but that’s like saying winter is a major blow to the convertible industry October 27, 2012 at