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Tech Trends 2015: The exponential organization

A totally new type of “exponential entrepreneur” is emerging as exponentials usher in new players and alter market dynamics. The new breed is using crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and cloud solutions to scale quickly. ‘Exponentials’ can be defined as unprecedented opportunities as well as existential threats. Learn

Table-top robots to disrupt light manufacturing

To understand why, consider Los Angeles, where I live. Drill presses and metal foundries may not leap to mind when a passing hipster croons “That’s so L.A.,” but manufacturing is a way of life in a city that accounts for 523,100 manufacturing jobs, more than

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2015 according to WEF

The top ten emerging technologies for 2015 include Fuel Cell Vehicles, Distributed Manufacturing, and Neuromorphic Technology. Read the rest at the World Economic Forum. First, though, let’s talk about neuromorphic technology. This tech aims to make computers function like brains. Basically this enhances machine learning,

Ready for 3-D printing?

In sintering-based 3-D printing technologies, for example, there are two major expense categories. The machines and their maintenance typically account for 40 to 60 percent of total printing costs. The materials used in the manufacturing process can account for 20 to 30 percent when using

emergentfutures: 3D Printers will be affordable by 2016  A report by Gartner predicts affordable 3D printers within a few years, opening up a range of possibilities for the technology on a consumer level. Full Story VR Zone

photojojo: 3D printers are a revolutionary technology that basically allows you to print objects from a computer based template.  Using photography, Ben Sandler imagined a future world where we could create whatever we needed from these handy 3D printers, check out the full series below. 

Printing The Future

Link: Printing The Future Three-dimensional printers, which gradually layer materials to form shapes, are making rapid progress in manufacturing, medicine—and Fashion Week.

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