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The Internet’s Original Sin: Advertising

It’s not too late to ditch the ad-based business model and build a better web… The fiasco I want to talk about is the World Wide Web, specifically, the advertising-supported, “free as in beer” constellation of social networks, services, and content that represents so much

Emotion in marketing: How our brains decide which content is shareable

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog and has been republished with permission. Every day it seems like we feel hundreds of different emotions – each nuanced and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. from Pocket via TNW

The Future of Digital Marketing

For the first time in Asia, the great and the good of the Malaysian and APAC digital marketing community gathered in Kuala Lumpur recently for the inaugral Future Of Digital Marketing (FODM) Malaysia conference. Attended by over 400 delegates, and organised in conjunction with the

We’re entering the age of Skinnerian Marketing. Future applications making use of big data, location, maps, tracking of a browser’s interests, and data streams coming from mobile and wearable devices, promise to usher in the era of unprecedented power in the hands of marketers, who

Gerd Leonhard on the future of digital marketing

futuramb: futuristgerd: (via The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything – By Banksy) This sign speaks for itself about the current state of humanity and where we are heading in the future…

smartercities: IBM Turns Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture | Fast Company Did you ever need a ramp for your luggage (or bike), or a shelter from a sudden downpour, or a place to sit down and tie your shoe? IBM believes that city life can