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About that Mars One Mission…

Kaye is the only New York-area native among 100 finalists for Mars One, a private Dutch mission to put the first humans on another planet with a self-sustaining, permanent colony. And remember now, it’s a one-way trip. Nobody gets to return to Earth on this

8bitfuture: Mars One opens ‘Astronaut Selection Program’. Mars One plan to start sending people to Mars, one way, in 2023. Apply here!

futurist-foresight: Mars: An interesting examination on why we can or cannot live on the Red Planet. scienceyoucanlove: Can we live on Mars? Mars is not as close to Earth as Venus is, but it probably is the only planet in our solar system that we

What Mars Means to Earth

I am a fan of Mars. I think people will live there one day. Really. So I was quite excited to watch the NASA/JPL live feed last night of the landing of Curiosity, the largest craft ever soft landed on another planet, and to share

Our Future in Space: Moving Offworld

By Glen Hiemstra | July 21st, 2011 Three milestones in space were passed in the last four days. The NASA spacecraft Dawn began its close approach to the second largest of the know asteroids in the asteroid belt, the asteroid Vesta. The final space shuttle