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Now there’s a way to diagnose HIV with a smartphone – Quartz

Here’s how it works: The “dongle” device takes a prick of blood and tests it to see whether there are a higher-than-normal number of the antibodies that fight HIV and syphilis in the blood. That immune system reaction indicates that the patient is positive, explains Wan Laksanasopin, a biomedical

Apple & Google Are Jumping Into Healthcare: Should Amazon Join the Game?

Like other major retailers, Amazon might be lured to health care by the promise of new Obamacare customers and the industry’s existing, often dysfunctional markets. For instance, Walgreen took the unusual step of launching accountable care organizations — centered around three of their pharmacies —

futurist-foresight: Stem Cells: Mice born from eggs created from stem cells! jtotheizzoe: Baby Mice Born from Eggs Made from Stem Cells Let that headline sink in for a minute. At first glance, these mice look like normal little critters, the standard-issue Mus musculus. And if you

futurist-foresight: Medical: A mother-to-daughter uterus transplant will only be truly successful once the first baby is carried to term. breakingnews: Swedish doctors say they perform 1st mother-to-daughter uterus transplant BBC: Two Swedish women might be able to give birth using the wombs in which they