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futurescope: Microsoft wins patent on wearable computing device that transmits data through the human body From BoingBoing: The US Patent and Trademark office has awarded Microsoft a patent on a wearable “electrical device” that uses your arm or finger as “transmission channel” to “transfer data

This just in: Microsoft has launched its Surface ads. Will you be buying one? Or do you think the tablet market has been saturated already?

Nokia Bonds Are Junk

Nokia’s declining fortunes lead to it’s bonds being rated as junk, after falling to No 2 mobile phone maker, behind Samsung: S.&P. Downgrades Nokia’s Bonds to Junk – Brian X Chen via S.& P.’s announcement came as Samsung dethroned Nokia as the world’s No.

Five By Five – 7 Feb 2012

Humans, Version 3.0 – Mark Changizi via SEEDMAGAZINE.COM — Changizi says near-term  human adaptation won’t be based on genetic manipulation or mutation, but is more likely to be based on neuronal recycling, where we repurpose brain centers to something that they aren’t innately set up

mediafuturist: Kinect 2.0 —- pretty amazing stuff!!  Thanks to Demi for sending the link

What Kind Of Future?

Found on Neil Perkin’s blog Only Dead Fish: “One of my favourite columnists John Naughton recently wrote an exceptional piece on the inadequacy of our national curriculum, and more specifically the part of the curriculum called ICT (‘Information and Communication Technology’), in equipping our children for