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Teach Your Robot to Do the Dishes

Adaptive, responsive strategies let humans think they’re in charge when working on mundane tasks with robots. Researchers have developed a robot that can help clean the kitchen. In a paper presented at Robotics Science and Systems in Rome in July, scientists at the University of

Social Media 2.0: time killers or time savers?

By Tim Cole While the digital world around us is changing at Internet speed, there are still those among us who are blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Certain regions even in the developed world still lag far behind. Germans, for instance, are real digital

Mark Wilson, Holy Crap: This MIT Robot Might One Day Weave A Building […] the Mediated Matter Group from MIT Media Lab is training a robot to weave web-like architecture, similar to the way a silkworm creates cocoons (via co.DESIGN) This is one of those

Oxford "Future of Cities" @ the Harvard GSD View more presentations from Noah Raford The Future of Cities: Three scenarios for urban futures. A project by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities. By Noah Raford