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Tinkerer – Creator – Sensemaker

by Peter Vander Auwera An irregular, unpredictable, incoherent, unfocused set of mind-sparks that got me thinking. Handpicked, no robots. Minimalism in curation. Enjoy! About building movements around solidarity and direct action, to counter the culture of dislocated, distrustful, and disengaged.About AI, Art and Augmented Architecture. Awesome talk

Video: First Electric Cars for Everybody (via WIRED)

WIRED Editor in Chief Scott Dadich interviews Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company, this month during the WIRED Business Conference 2016. Barra explains in detail how GM realises electric cars for mass production. Watch full video on Related topics: Driverless Cars Does OPEC

futuristgerd: Must see – and so very true. 2014 will be officially the year of the backlash:)))

Welcome to our Network: Ajit Jaokar

A couple of days ago, Founder of Futuretext and Digital Policy Expert joined TFA’s Speakers Network. Welcome ! Ajit Jaokar’s work is focussed on researching Digital policy, Smart cities, Open systems including White space networks, The mobile web and the wider application of technology to humanity