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5 ways tech can transform finance

Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lenders, mobile payments, bitcoin, robo-advisers – there seems to be no end to the diversity, or to the sky-high valuations, of these “fintech” innovators. Read more from World Economic Forum Gerd Leonhard on the future of finance: Watch Digital Transformation and the Future

How corporations capture and shatter college graduates

Elsewhere, at this vulnerable, mutable, pivotal moment, undergraduates must rely on their own wavering resolve to resist peer pressure, the herd instinct, the allure of money, flattery, prestige and security. Students, rebel against these soul-suckers! Follow your dreams, however hard it may be, however uncertain

Using A.I. in Financial Services

As another indicator, the vast majority of respondents to the 2014 Future of the Internet study did anticipate robotics and machine intelligence will permeate wide segment of daily life by 2025 with huge implications for a range of industries. Will the latest surge of AI

What is the future of the ATM in a world of digital money? – Quartz

The financial crisis sent ATM innovation lower down the priority lists of big banks, but investment is picking back up now. Banks in emerging markets are spreading their networks and adding features, while in wealthier countries they are looking at advanced ATMs as a cheaper alternative to

Spain’s banking revolution shows us what’s next

Rodriguez Ferrara would doubtless agree. Ferrara set up in Barcelona and has since moved the peer-to-peer business to Silicon Valley, growing the company that allows friends to take the place of banks and offer personal loans. “Money is no longer in banks, it’s on

New Digital Currency Unites All Global Money Systems

Stellar is many things, but it’s best to think of it as an effort to create a worldwide network that lets anyone send any currency and have it arrive as any other currency. You can send bitcoin and have them arrive as dollars. You can

Google’s dominance in search is coming to an end says Quartz

Google is stumbling. Earlier this month the company disappointed shareholders with underwhelming quarterly results. The amount of money it makes each time somebody clicks on an ad has steadily fallen for the past three years… What’s the life expectancy of social companies in the Internet

How The Internet Killed Profit

As consumers, we’ve never had it better: We can do more things than ever and do them more quickly, safely and easily than ever. Whether it’s a spontaneous hotel stay, a global flight, or every movie ever made, as users we have it all at

Getting to the Heart of Money (via Huffpo)

Link: Getting to the Heart of Money (via Huffpo) For Savitz, the work “comes from the heart and then through the head.” In addition, it is rooted in the practice of Tikkun Olam — the Jewish teaching that each individual must do her or his