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The Mine of the Future Is Run by Drones (via Motherboard)

Interesting article by Corin Faife found on Motherboard recently: “Drones, 3D scanning, and autonomous vehicles are moving humans away from the risks of the mining industry.” “As this trend towards automation continues there will almost certainly come a point where humans no longer need to

Replacing Humans: Uber Begins Its Endgame (via Motherboard)

“Taxi drivers have spent the last few years begging local governments around the world to put an end to the threat of unregulated ridesharing.” Jason Koebler wrote an alarming article about robot taxis a few weeks ago on Motherboard. “We all know that sooner or later, human

Talking About Robots leads to Talking About Basic Income (via Motherboard)

In his article on Motherboard, Wren Handyman points out the necessity to add “conversations about basic income, a government-funded salary given to every citizen” to discussions about robots. He wrote: “Artificial intelligence will do more than just create driverless cars. Take, for instance, food production.