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Right now, the music companies have the upper hand. But industry watchers believe between favorable government intervention — as in new laws adapting to more fairness in digital rights, continued year-over-year adoption rates and Facebook-sized user bases in the hundreds of millions of users —

The Future of the Music Industry: a new Ecosystem

Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard summarizes the key trends for the future of the music industry – 15 years of presentations on this topic all-in-one :) See all of Gerd’s stuff on this topic, and his free books, here: The future of

futuristgerd: A fascinating new report from Associate Professor Michael A. Carrier at Rutgers University School of Law, entitled “Copyright and Innovation: The Untold Story”, interviews 31 CEOs, company founders and VPs who have worked in digital music over the past 10 years. It illustrates the

New Book: Taking the Crowd to the Cloud

Announcing the new book by TFA Partner Kelli Richards: “Taking the Crowd to the Cloud – Social Media for the Music Industry.” This book raises the bar and demystifies social media, helps you THRIVE in any economy and transforms your marketing mindset. It features 10

Rolling Stone: Albums – The Next Generation

Found on Jason Treuen’s blog: “With album sales falling through the floor, artists are turning to new technology to generate attention and revenue in the internet age. In the process, they’re redefining the concept of the album as we know it. Leading the way is

For our German Readers: Manager Magazin: Wolkige Hoffnungen für die Musikbranche

Beitrag von Wilfried Eckl-DornaDie CD-Verkäufe sinken weiter, das Geschäft mit Downloads bleibt klein: Auf der Musikmesse Popkomm sucht die Branche nach Wegen aus der digitalen Misere. Der Erfolg von Internetmusikdiensten wie Simfy oder Spotify macht ein wenig Mut – doch Rechtsstreitigkeiten erschweren den Durchbruch…. “Für die Konsumenten ist klar:

Michael Robertson on today’s Music Industry

From CNET Reporters’ Roundtable: Today we’re talking about the music industry and how the Internet has affected it. But mostly we’re doing this particular episode since I got Michael Robertson to be a guest. He’s has made a career out of attacking old, established industries,

CHART OF THE DAY: The Death Of The Music Industry Read more at Silicon Valley Insider