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IoT Shifts Conference, Barcelona, October 19-20

The IoT Shifts Conference is a new two-day event, organised by TFA member Rudy de Waele, in partnership with Claro Partners, bringing innovators from the startup, digital and developer communities together with the corporate world, to create and advance business opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT), and explore

Star Trek Economics

I grew up watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (easily the best of the Star Trek shows). There’s one big, obvious thing missing from the future society depicted in the program. No one is doing business. There is almost no one buying and selling, except

7 Top Futurists Make Surprising Predictions

In the next 10 years, we will see the gradual transition from an Internet to a brain-net, in which thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories might be transmitted instantly across the planet… It seems the general consensus is: technology will be inside us, outside us and

Thought-controlled Airplanes

neurosciencestuff: Using thoughts to control airplanes Pilots of the future could be able to control their aircraft by merely thinking commands. Scientists of the Technische Universität München and the TU Berlin have now demonstrated the feasibility of flying via brain control – with astonishing accuracy.

ibmsocialbiz: We Know What You Want And When You Will Buy It | Fast Company A neuroscience technology breakthrough at the University of California, Berkeley, has major implications for the future of branding and marketing. It finally happened. Neuroscience technology can now reliably read our