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Ross Dawson on The Future of News (video)

In our series “The Futures Agency Speakers Videos“, here’s a presentation by TFA speaker Ross Dawson on The Future of News. From the person who created the Newspaper Extinction Timeline, this presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of news and what the future of

Keynote slides : The Future of News According to Ross Dawson

Below you will find Ross Dawson’s slides from his opening keynote at the International News Media Association (INMA) World Congress in New York this year. Ross has recently refocused on the future of news and media, and in this presentation he shares the many opportunities

Uber, Buzzfeed and the Future of Journalism

By Tim Cole Newspapers are dying  – and so what else is new? New Orleans, a metropolis of some 380.000 and number 51 in the list of the largest US cities is without its own daily, since the Time-Picayune went online-only in May 2012. Previously,

The Future of Mobile Apps for News

If mobile is to become the dominant vector for news, retaining readers will be much more challenging than it is on a PC or tablet (though the latter tends to engage readers 10x or sometimes 20x more). A news app needs to be steered with

edgeperspectives: The end of big (media): When news orgs move from brands to platforms for talent Re-conceiving news organizations as platforms for talent with diversified revenue

Newspapers versus Google: Taxing times | The Economist

Link: Newspapers versus Google: Taxing times | The Economist Google can hardly be blamed for the recession, declining readership, and slumping advertising revenue. Online advertising has not offset the decline of print ads in newspapers. In 2011 newspaper advertising globally amounted to $76 billion, down

JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek

Link: JESS3 on the changes at Newsweek The so-called “death of Newsweek” seems like a major blow to the magazine industry, and perhaps the larger print media industry, but that’s like saying winter is a major blow to the convertible industry October 27, 2012 at