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Universal Basic Income – The Bipartisan Answer to Poverty

“The important thing is to create a floor on which people can start building some security. If the economic situation allows, you can gradually increase the income to where it meets subsistence,” says Guy Standing, a professor of development studies at the School of Oriental

51 Ways to Defeat Poverty

The study looks at innovations (actually there are 51) that don’t exist yet, but could be feasible through work by scientists, engineers, and designers, and with support from philanthropies, aid agencies, businesses, and others… Read more from Fast Co.Exist via Pocket

mothernaturenetwork: World Bank: You can’t fight poverty without tackling climate changeThe international lending institution says we must shield the world’s poorest from the effects of severe weather — and one way to do that is by supporting renewables.

The New Suburban Poverty – Lisa McGirr via

Link: The New Suburban Poverty – Lisa McGirr via stoweboyd: The suburban and homogenous USA has become a thing of the past, and rising suburban poverty and the flight of the wealthy to exclusive exurbs and gentrified urban neighborhoods is leading to suburban infrastructure

Why more equal societies almost always do better

A PowerPoint slide collection containing 36 of the more important graphs published in their book “The Spirit Level”: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The Spirit Level – slides from The Equality Trust View more presentations from