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NSA Spying Will Cost US Tech Titans Billions, and That’s Just the Start

The National Security Agency spying scandal will cost the US technology and telecommunications industries billions of dollars in coming years if potential clients—including corporations and governments—take their business elsewhere following revelations of rampant US surveillance… from Pocket via Motherboard

We did not pass the Fourth Amendment to protect those with something to hide,” Stone tells us. We passed that amendment “because we know all too well the cost of an unaccountable government.” (via Oliver Stone: Don’t Stand By While the NSA’s Surveillance Machine Eats

meetingofthemindsv: Doug Stephens aka RetailProphet and Futurist Gerd Leonhard on PRISM, Big Data, Future of Internet (by Gerd Leonhard)

Unless these things happen I think we (i.e. the EU parliament and EU commission, and us, as citizens, anywhere) must consider taking serious and possibly quite dramatic action to safeguard against this ‘totalitarian surveillance creep’ instigated by the U.S. government (and by extension those U.S.

Yet the fact that Leonhard is making these proposals, and in a respected venue like the Harvard Business Review, indicates how far American surveillance policies have gone beyond the boundaries of reason. The US government isn’t just jeopardizing the rights of US citizens and people

It seems clearly within the domain of reason to believe that the extent of secret surveillance, both within the United States and globally, is posing a dangerous threat to democracy and the rights and security of individuals, and in this sense, Snowden is an authentic

futuristgerd: UPDATE on Sunday’s post on PRISM (via Short video commentary on PRISM, Snowden, Privacy and Cloud Computing: this is a game-changing moment – Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard) You can find all other PRISM-related posts here, or download the PDFs, below PRISM

lostdollsclub: Peter Bromhead explains the new role of the GCSB…

“There are more instance of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” — James Madison, 1788 If PRISM Is Good Policy, Why Stop With Terrorism? – Derek Khanna –