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5 Free Apps For Making & Breaking Habits

Self examination and productivity are two trends that go hand-in-hand lately. Check out some free apps to help make you more successful at whatever you want to accomplish. Read more via Fast Company

fastcompany: 10 Little Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without Writer Leo Widrich offers a sneak peek at the next wave of productivity apps that top entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki are working with daily.

A pillow that enables you to sleep anywhere: The Ostrich Pillow. It’s different because it blocks out noise and light. The biggest selling point? By taking a power nap, your productivity could increase by up to 34%. Maybe we are looking at the future of

Five By Five – 8 Feb 2012

1. WikiCells: Bottles That We Eat – David Edwards via Wyss Institute at Harvard — Edwards and others have cooked up a new form of ‘container’ — wikicells — based natural food membrane using the electrostatic characteristics of materials like food wrap. Except now, instead

courtenaybird: Fifty years ago, the four most valuable U.S. companies employed an average of 430,000 people with an average market cap of $180 billion. This year, the four largest U.S. companies employ an average 120,000 people with an average market cap of $334 billion. The