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CHART: The Internet Will Win Over All Other Media

According to data published by ZenithOptimedia this week, people around the world now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media, with the Internet taking up an increasingly large chunk of total media consumption. Read more from Statista You will find more statistics at

“Fear is not an editorial option”

Anglo-saxon media that refused to publish religious caricatures should revise their position. This is the worst time to surrender to self-censorship and politically correctness. There is a too much at stake, here. Read more from Monday Note

Kindle Unlimited Makes Some Authors Upset

But a new complaint is about Kindle Unlimited, a new Amazon subscription service that offers access to 700,000 books — both self-published and traditionally published — for $9.99 a month. It may bring in readers, but the writers say they earn less. And in interviews

The Everything Book: reading in the age of Amazon

Instead, Amazon wants to enhance what’s on the screen with software. If there’s a unifying idea to the Kindle as an app, it’s in fixing the little things that once made you put down your book in frustration. A feature called X-Ray, for example, stores

In Case You Missed It – Gerd’s Year in Pocket

A few of the most popular things shared on Pocket this year were: The Overprotected Kid – The Atlantic The Case for Reparations – The Atlantic The Quiet German: The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel, The Most Powerful Woman in the World – The New

Uber, Buzzfeed and the Future of Journalism

By Tim Cole Newspapers are dying  – and so what else is new? New Orleans, a metropolis of some 380.000 and number 51 in the list of the largest US cities is without its own daily, since the Time-Picayune went online-only in May 2012. Previously,

While traditional media continue their difficult decline, a cadre of the most innovative reporters, from Afghanistan to the Amazon, are quietly transforming journalism by harnessing the power of open data. Working in collaboration with civil society groups and governments, they are applying new digital tools