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greenfuturist: A special report by members and friends of the World Future Society A child born today will only be 88 years old in the year 2100. It’s time to start thinking and caring about the twenty-second century now. The next 88 years may see

(via MediaFuturist: Get this new report (free): the future of technology disruption in business (Ricoh / Economist))

futuristgerd: (via Mary Meeker Explains Internet 2012: The Full D10 Interview (Video) – Kara Swisher – D10 – AllThingsD) A real morsel – must watch! Related articles futuristgerd: A fascinating new report from Associate Professor… (

stoweboyd: State of the News Media 2012 – Pew Research Center This year’s study also includes special reports on the impact of mobile technology and social media on news. Those reports, which feature new survey data, finds that rather than replacing media consumption on digital