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The Top 12 Digital Health Collaborations Today

From gamification to robotic surgeons to crowd-sourcing, science fiction is officially reality in the healthcare arena. Many companies are incentivizing patients to be healthier, trading money for reaching personal fitness goals. In the shaky economic climate we find ourselves in, more and more people will

Table-top robots to disrupt light manufacturing

To understand why, consider Los Angeles, where I live. Drill presses and metal foundries may not leap to mind when a passing hipster croons “That’s so L.A.,” but manufacturing is a way of life in a city that accounts for 523,100 manufacturing jobs, more than

Robots know how you feel

Our faces are organs of emotional communication; by some estimates, we transmit more data with our expressions than with what we say, and a few pioneers dedicated to decoding this information have made tremendous progress. Perhaps the most successful is an Egyptian scientist living near

Has A.I. Outsmarted Our Emotions?

As devices become artificially intelligent, it seems we’ve reached a critical new phase where we are striving to please our gadgets… Will it become standard for us to have mutually beneficial relationships with our devices? Read more from Wired via Pocket

Roboy, the robot lounge and why robots need better marketing

ITU WORLD BLOG | Roboy, the robot lounge and why robots need better marketing by Rolf Pfeifer (reblog via Instapaper) Imagine a relaxing bar or lounge space, rather like the business class lounge in an airport – but staffed entirely by robots. As you enter,

Understanding the Second Machine Age is Vital to Our Financial Future

What distinguishes the second machine age from the first is intelligence. The machines of the first age replaced and multiplied the physical labour of humans and animals. The machines of the second age will replace and multiply our intelligence. The driving force behind this revolution

AI will not turn into a Frankenstein’s monster

The singularity – or, to give it its proper title, the technological singularity. It’s an idea that has taken on a life of its own; more of a life, I suspect, than what it predicts ever will… Read more from The Guardian via Pocket

So, Where Are My Robot Servants?

Four years ago, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, uploaded a video to YouTube. It featured a demonstration they’d done using a powerful new robot called PR2, a dishwasher-size machine with two hefty arms and six camera eyes on its face… from Pocket

Meet Baxter the Robot

emergentfutures: Meet the new Baxter robot — twice as fast, more precise and easier to use Baxter the robot can now fold a shirt, brew coffee, solve a Rubik’s Cube and pack boxes in manufacturing settings twice as fast. The manufacturing robot, made by Boston-based Rethink Robotics, is