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Automation Could Make Us Useless

The “de-skilling” that occurs when pilots no longer fly planes is happening across the board…It’s just one of the risks, Carr suggests, of becoming “a ward of our phones”: we are disembodying ourselves, removing ourselves from the world, living via screens and interfaces, and losing

This Is How It Looks (to some) When Robots Take Our Jobs

That takes up a big chunk of the worry space: that there is one artificial agent that becomes very powerful, and is therefore able to shape the future according to its goals. Those goals may not have anything to do with human goals. They may

Roboy, the robot lounge and why robots need better marketing

ITU WORLD BLOG | Roboy, the robot lounge and why robots need better marketing by Rolf Pfeifer (reblog via Instapaper) Imagine a relaxing bar or lounge space, rather like the business class lounge in an airport – but staffed entirely by robots. As you enter,

How Universal Basic Income is Necessary to Avoid a Robot Uprising

Robots are poised to eliminate millions of jobs over the coming decades. We have to address the coming epidemic of “technological unemployment” if we’re to avoid crippling levels of poverty and societal collapse. Here’s how a guaranteed basic income will help — and why it’s

Understanding the Second Machine Age is Vital to Our Financial Future

What distinguishes the second machine age from the first is intelligence. The machines of the first age replaced and multiplied the physical labour of humans and animals. The machines of the second age will replace and multiply our intelligence. The driving force behind this revolution

The concept of work as we know it is toast

The impact on our economic systems of the future may be dramatic. Within thirty or forty years, the concept of work and working for a living as we know it now will be over: toast. In addition, developments in artificial intelligence are increasingly producing self-learning

So, Where Are My Robot Servants?

Four years ago, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, uploaded a video to YouTube. It featured a demonstration they’d done using a powerful new robot called PR2, a dishwasher-size machine with two hefty arms and six camera eyes on its face… from Pocket

Meet Baxter the Robot

emergentfutures: Meet the new Baxter robot — twice as fast, more precise and easier to use Baxter the robot can now fold a shirt, brew coffee, solve a Rubik’s Cube and pack boxes in manufacturing settings twice as fast. The manufacturing robot, made by Boston-based Rethink Robotics, is