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Google’s dominance in search is coming to an end says Quartz

Google is stumbling. Earlier this month the company disappointed shareholders with underwhelming quarterly results. The amount of money it makes each time somebody clicks on an ad has steadily fallen for the past three years… What’s the life expectancy of social companies in the Internet

“Imagine a part in your car sending a malfunction signal that schedules your car for a repair appointment, followed up by an automated function that checks your calendar online and schedules the appointment for you,” Pruitt said. “Or, consider a hydro-sensor in your garden that

smarterplanet: How The Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Search – ReadWrite As mobile devices dictate the terms of search and how results are being conveyed to end users, there’s another phenomenon that will greatly influence the future of search – very soon, we’re going to

Confronting the end of ‘offline’ | SmartPlanet

Link: Confronting the end of ‘offline’ | SmartPlanet Lots of companies know about you,” Athey said. “But knowing what you want to buy now — that contextual information is so much more powerful.” It’s why search ads sell better than display ads. The problem? “If

Why Google, Not Facebook, Knows Your Darkest Secrets

Link: Why Google, Not Facebook, Knows Your Darkest Secrets “Google is no longer organizing the world’s public information; that’s doing an increasingly fine job of organizing itself. Google is keeping the world’s secrets” Good piece — made me think Is this a Faustian bargain ?? November

futurist-foresight: Digital: This graphic offers and interesting look at search results. ilovecharts: I need to become a master of this chart for my new internship. –ijwalker I feel your pain. I hate everything about SEO. I hate the way it defines content. I hate that