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Let’s Hear From the Dissidents

Ai, Appelbaum, Poitras, and Assange have all found their privacy comfort levels. But to be truly private, in the connected age, means being alone. And even then, it’s impossible to completely stop surveillance. Too much of our information is out of our own control. Living

Automation Makes Humans Dumb

Computers aren’t taking away all the jobs done by talented people. But computers are changing the way the work gets done. And the evidence is mounting that the same de-skilling effect that ate into the talents of factory workers last century is starting to gnaw

Data is deadly

But cyber-spying raises two tricky issues. One is that the low cost of gathering information this way may encourage more of it, and a Hobbesian world of spiralling espionage would be bad for everybody. What’s more, since there is no sharp distinction between digital spying

The U.S. government’s secret rulebook for labeling you a terrorist

The guidelines state that “the general policy of the U.S. Government is to neither confirm nor deny an individual’s watchlist status.” There has been a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system and it has been quietly approved by the Obama administration. from Pocket via

We are not just ourselves anymore. Each one of us has a new, statistical self living in databases around the world. It’s those selves, uniquely identified bundles of behavior, that marketers target and companies try to reach. These are remarkable, distributed portraits of what we

Good piece on Twitter and its future role in media (via Reuters)

Link: Good piece on Twitter and its future role in media (via Reuters) But last week, in the wake of the Boston bombings, some of those who previously viewed Twitter as an indispensable news source began turning against the service upon discovering that the wisdom