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The Futures Agency YouTube Channel

Check out our new The Futures Agency Channel on Youtube. A selection of the best videos and interviews of our speakers, including Gerd Leonhard, Rohit Talwar, Glen Hiemstra, Ross Dawson, Yuri Van Geest, Rudy De Waele, Simon Torrance and many more. The channel is updated regularly

TFA Presents #9: The Future of Cars & Transportation

In TFA Presents #9 we hear from Gerd Leonhard, Simon Torrance and Rohit Talwar about how digital transformation is affecting cars and transportation. Watch and leave questions in the comments below! See more from FuturistGerd

(via Telco 2.0: The Internet of Things (IoT) Vs. M2M: what is the real opportunity?)

Simon Torrance on Web 2.0 (by AlcatelLucentCorp)

Simon Torrance: New Digital Economics online (by Telco2Initiative)