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Fear of Freedom

By Tim Cole Historians of the 21st century may well date the beginning of Digital Enlightenment from the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan which had an earth-shaking effect in more ways than one. It also upset Western civilization’s belief in one of the

What the Internet Was Like Before It Was Being Watched

The Internet is unique among revolutionary communications media because it was designed for—and has thus far maintained—interactivity…But there are threats to the decentralized, collaborative architecture of the Internet. We see this often from corporations seeking to control the online experience, whether that is undermining net

Unless these things happen I think we (i.e. the EU parliament and EU commission, and us, as citizens, anywhere) must consider taking serious and possibly quite dramatic action to safeguard against this ‘totalitarian surveillance creep’ instigated by the U.S. government (and by extension those U.S.

Yet the fact that Leonhard is making these proposals, and in a respected venue like the Harvard Business Review, indicates how far American surveillance policies have gone beyond the boundaries of reason. The US government isn’t just jeopardizing the rights of US citizens and people

It seems clearly within the domain of reason to believe that the extent of secret surveillance, both within the United States and globally, is posing a dangerous threat to democracy and the rights and security of individuals, and in this sense, Snowden is an authentic

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

Link: Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping Der Spiegel quoted the Snowden documents as revealing that the US taps half a billion phone calls, emails and text messages in Germany a month. “We can attack the signals of most foreign third-class partners,