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What is the 4th Platform?

The core concept here is that whoever learns fastest, wins, and those with the best platform and ecosystem around it, will have value that can be tapped into more rapidly for sustained strategic benefit. Plus, it will ensure coverage of virtually all of the top

Is it good to be liked by everyone online?

To have something liked online is not as great as having something actually liked. It doesn’t even necessarily mean someone enjoyed it — it might simply mean, “Got it,” or more wanly, “This provoked some kind of feeling, however minor.” Will it become so common

10 facts about tech use in emerging countries

Nearly 8 in 10 Russians own a computer, more than 6 in 10 internet users in Poland (64%) got their health information online in the past year, and 8 in 10 Ukrainian internet users get their political news online. Read more interesting statistics from around

IBM’s Policy on Social Media – Jon Iwata

In today’s never-unplugged world, you’re never not a spokesperson for your company. Everything you say on social media is intrinsically linked to your employer’s brand. Read more from Big Think

5 promising private social networks

Diaspora, Sgrouples, Path, EveryMe, or Nextdoor could be the next big thing. The good thing is, these platforms aren’t trying to be like Facebook – they offer something completely different. Of course, every new technology has its downsides… Read more from TechHive via Pocket

Facebook is a powerhouse, and its video player is about to take over

Facebook’s already considerable power in media is about to become dominant. The social network has already shown the ability to put content in front of millions of people at will, boosting traffic for media companies (particularly to smartphones). Now, it has turned that force toward

Social Media 2.0: time killers or time savers?

By Tim Cole While the digital world around us is changing at Internet speed, there are still those among us who are blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Certain regions even in the developed world still lag far behind. Germans, for instance, are real digital

Living at Internet Speed

By Tim Cole In “Behind the Looking Glass”, Lewis Carrol’s charming little book for children of all ages, the Red Queen takes Alice by the hand and pulls her away, running hard until the little girl is tired out and has to stop to catch

How Facebook Is Changing Journalism

If Facebook’s algorithm smiles on a publisher, the rewards, in terms of traffic, can be enormous. What happens when individuals have access to the same algorithms as large companies? We’re already teaching ourselves to code for free, we’re learning how to hack into things –