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(Video of Gerd Leonhard’s talk at Repretel Costa Rica: the future of television, media, radio and broadcasting)

62 percent use social media while watching TV – an 18 percent point increase in one year 67 percent use tablets, smartphones or laptops for TV viewing 60 percent use on-demand services on a weekly basis Ericsson study: TV viewing increasingly accompanied by use of

Special Report: Social TV and The Second Screen

Link: Special Report: Social TV and The Second Screen stoweboyd: I am happy to release a special report I’ve recently written, Social TV and The Second Screen, developed cooperatively by Work Talk Research and The Futures Agency. Gerd Leonhard from The Futures Agency wrote the foreward,

Five By Five – 7 Feb 2012

Humans, Version 3.0 – Mark Changizi via SEEDMAGAZINE.COM — Changizi says near-term  human adaptation won’t be based on genetic manipulation or mutation, but is more likely to be based on neuronal recycling, where we repurpose brain centers to something that they aren’t innately set up

The Future of Television: video conversation with futurists and keynote speakers @rossdawson and @gleonhard   Here are a few of the ideas we share in the session: Video will be everywhere: video walls, ceilings, floors, tables and more, giving space for the vast amount of video

mediafuturist: (via MediaFuturist: Twitter & social TV: best practices)