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Otohime and the changing nature of privacy

By Tim Cole We need to remind ourselves from time to time that privacy and secrecy are not the normal human condition. In fact, privacy is an invention of the 18th and 19th centuries. The rising middle-classes suddenly found themselves wealthy enough to build private

The World is More Democratic Than Ever

Evidence also shows we are becoming less violent and more tolerant, and poverty around the world is declining. The conclusions seem far-fetched considering the daily news of airstrikes, natural disasters and images of loss from the conflict in Iraq, Syria or the Central African Republic, but Roser argues

Guns in America and the Limits of Shame : The New Yorker

Link: Guns in America and the Limits of Shame : The New Yorker When will we Americans realize that our society is an unacceptably violent one, that this is how the rest of the world sees us, and that much of that violence is associated

Confronting the end of ‘offline’ | SmartPlanet

Link: Confronting the end of ‘offline’ | SmartPlanet Lots of companies know about you,” Athey said. “But knowing what you want to buy now — that contextual information is so much more powerful.” It’s why search ads sell better than display ads. The problem? “If

Alan Moore: “No Straight Lines”

Recommending Alan Moore’s new book: “We have arrived at the edge of the adaptive range of our industrial world. At the edge, because that world, our world is being overwhelmed by a trilemma of social, organisational and economic complexity. We are in transit from a

Why more equal societies almost always do better

A PowerPoint slide collection containing 36 of the more important graphs published in their book “The Spirit Level”: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The Spirit Level – slides from The Equality Trust View more presentations from Blog: When Visions of the Future Turn Negative

By Glen Hiemstra | April 10th, 2011 Later this week, on April 15, 2011, I will be doing presentations to the World Foresight Forum event in The Hague, Netherlands. On that day I will be part of a panel entitled Roadmaps for a Shared Future,