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How to turn the future green, according to Bill Gates

Bill Gates plans to invest $1 billion in clean energy technology over the next five years. This will be a fairly big increase over the investments he is already making, but he’s doing it because he believes that the next half-decade will bring many breakthroughs that will help

Buy Energy From Your Friends

The future grid could be like an “energy Internet” where the traditional hierarchies are overturned. Instead of a hub-and-spoke system of utilities to consumers, power and associated services will be transacted between individuals. Seems like simpler, cheaper solutions are emerging from this sharing economy. It’s

How to make solar cheaper than fossil fuels

emergentfutures: Scientists solve solar energy’s burning question: how to make it cheaper than fossil fuels In a fight between solar and fossil fuels, the latter has always had a killer question up its sleeve: “What about supercritical steam?” That’s the method by which the most advanced power stations

futuretechreport: Solar powered plane lands in NYC after Historic Flight Across the US Its like the Wright brothers all over again but this time with zero-carbon emissions! Love this story. From the Guardian: “A plane entirely powered by the sun touches down in New York

Scientists from UC Santa Barbara’s (USCB) have reinvented solar power with a new approach that captures energy using a “forest” of gold nanorods and some chemistry. The researchers tested the technology with an experimental solar conversion device that ran for several weeks, and published their

Get Ready, Utilities: Solar Is Coming | ThinkProgress

Link: Get Ready, Utilities: Solar Is Coming | ThinkProgress Solar will become so affordable in the next 5-10 years that as many as 38 million homes and businesses will elect to produce their own power more cheaply from unsubsidized solar rather than buy it from