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About that Mars One Mission…

Kaye is the only New York-area native among 100 finalists for Mars One, a private Dutch mission to put the first humans on another planet with a self-sustaining, permanent colony. And remember now, it’s a one-way trip. Nobody gets to return to Earth on this

Top 12 threats to humanity

Earlier this month researchers at the Global Challenges Foundation released a thorough and unsettling look at what threatens human civilization. To give you an idea of the types of items that truly threaten us: number 1 on the list is A.I. and number 12 is Bad

In 2015 there will be an emphasis on futurism in Africa

Among other interesting trends to watch in Africa this year, futurism will make its way on the list. Mix that with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project, droneports, augmented reality and other tech programs and I’d say things are about to get really interesting

futurist-foresight: Vint Cerf discusses an interplanetary internet. spaceplasma: Father of the internet, Vint Cerf, on creating the interplanetary internet Over 15 years ago, Vint Cerf, “one of the fathers of the Internet,” and some of his pals at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory started an absurdly

8bitfuture: Mars One opens ‘Astronaut Selection Program’. Mars One plan to start sending people to Mars, one way, in 2023. Apply here!

futurist-foresight: Mars: An interesting examination on why we can or cannot live on the Red Planet. scienceyoucanlove: Can we live on Mars? Mars is not as close to Earth as Venus is, but it probably is the only planet in our solar system that we

futurescope: Peter Diamandis of the Xprize gets big billionaire backing for asteroid mining Back in Feb, 2012, Peter Diamandis was talking about asteroid mining. In about 5 days, he and his co-founders will make an announcement where he has the financial backing of several billionaires. Join

Space Still Calls to Us

By Glen Hiemstra I’ve written before about our future in space, and why I think we need to keep investing. I was taking a break over lunch today and clicked on the telly, where I watched 15 minutes of a Dr. Who episode. It was set in the