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Understand the Past To Create The Future

The drive to build another Silicon Valley may be doomed to fail, but that is not necessarily bad news for regional planners elsewhere. The high-tech economy is not a zero-sum game. The twenty-first century global technology economy is large and complex enough for multiple regions

The Success and Failure of Startups

Found on Alan Moore’s blog SMLXL: “In my forthcoming project No Straight Lines I argue that we have reached the nadir of the adaptive range of an industrialised world, in fact we are now faced with a trilemma of social, organisational and economic complexity, tensions

Audio We had the great opportunity to meet up with 27-year-old Texas-born Matt Mullenweg at LeWeb conference in Paris (report and review). As founder of the most advanced and successful web-based open source blog and content management system WordPress (about 17 million websites, according to WordPress