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Fossil Fuels are clearly dead

Renewables are today on the verge of being price competitive with fossil fuels – and already are in many situations. So in 10 years, maybe just 5, it is a no-brainer that renewables will be significantly cheaper than fossil fuels in most places and will

Sustainability, the Soul of Technology

Check out Rudy de Waele’s presentation on “Sustainability, the Soul of Technology” at the Technology Ventures Conference in Cambridge, UK . Sustainability, the Soul of Technology from Rudy De Waele

The Top 12 Digital Health Collaborations Today

From gamification to robotic surgeons to crowd-sourcing, science fiction is officially reality in the healthcare arena. Many companies are incentivizing patients to be healthier, trading money for reaching personal fitness goals. In the shaky economic climate we find ourselves in, more and more people will

Smart Homes May Be A Little Too Smart

Four years ago, the Nottingham group, led by the psychologist Alexa Spence, was preparing to equip a small number of buildings with monitors that would track electricity use and display the information on a Web site for the buildings’ occupants to see. First, though, the

Pope Francis will call for the religious vote to act on climate change

In 2015, the pope will issue a lengthy message on the subject to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, give an address to the UN general assembly and call a summit of the world’s main religions…“Our academics supported the pope’s initiative to influence next year’s crucial

The End of Food

After a month, Rhinehart published the results of his experiment in a blog post, titled “How I Stopped Eating Food.” The post has a “Eureka!” tone. The chemical potion, Rhinehart reported, was “delicious! I felt like I’d just had the best breakfast of my life.”

5 Rules Of Tomorrow’s Bottom Line

“Using GDP as the main assessment method has caused a lot of problems, like unequal income distribution, problems with the social welfare system and environmental costs,” explained Xie Yaxuan, head of macroeconomic analysis at China Merchants Securities in Shenzhen. This trend struck a powerful chord

“Paradigm Shift” Reported In Making Biofuel From Plants

txchnologist: by Michael Keller The possibility of using nonfood plants to cheaply and sustainably fuel our vehicles may have just veered into the fast lane. Scientists report they have successfully genetically engineered bacteria to convert complex carbohydrates in tough grasses directly into ethanol, a type

Bicycle Infrastructure

thisbigcity: That’s compared to 7.8 for road-only construction. Cities that want to boost employment need to invest in cycling.

Green Space

thisbigcity: And Germany’s second-largest city has decided to unite them together via pedestrian and cycle routes, aiming to eliminate the need for vehicles in Hamburg over the next 20 years. Have your own #citydata you’d like to share?  Send it our way!