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16 ideas for a more dynamic US economy by Marc Andreessen

In a classic Marc Andreessen “tweetstorm,” the venture capitalist offers 16 “somewhat-less obvious ideas for how to expand the # of “unicorn” great tech startups over time…” 1/More Montessori & Montessori-style, free-form, and/or project-based K-8 public & private schools. 2/Entrepreneurship magnet/charter schools — specifically designed to

Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist

Link: Your 2012 climate change scorecard | Grist • The United Nations did nothing. Fifty thousand people met in Rio; who-knows-how-many traveled to Qatar. And that all resulted in a vague promise to maybe do something in 2013. The U.N.’s ability to mandate change is

Debt crisis – from history to the future

By Glen Hiemstra | July 28th, 2011 Watching the U.S. “debt crisis” unfold, I am reminded that to see the way forward, it is often good to look backward. History does not consist only of facts, but history is full of facts that cannot be