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(via Here is our best approximation of where the world’s tax havens are – Quartz)

neweconomies: So why hasn’t Congress already raised taxes on the rich? Perhaps because the superwealthy have raised a lot more political money than the rest of us. Percent of donations to super-PACs this year that come from just 196 Americans: 80 Amount the Koch brothers and

What you paid for in 2009

greenfuturist: Comment: I live in Switzerland, but this is truly shocking: national debt, combat operations, military…? In my view, this is the place to cut, first and foremost. Invest in life, not death. anticapitalist: Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here’s A Receipt. Taxpayers should get a

Building the future: Do the opposite of what we are doing

Glen Hiemstra writes on “For a long time I have said that many of our policies in the U.S. seem, to me, to be the opposite of what is actually needed to revive the economy and build a better future. Recent evidence from Germany,