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Survive the Robot Apocalypse in 5 Steps

It’s our fear of others that encourages war, or the withholding of life saving technologies from those who need them, simply because they’re uninsured. It’s our fear of others that creates a national budget where 60% of resources are dedicated to the military industrial complex,

Culture Drives Innovation

With this month’s announcement that the European Union is investigating Amazon for possible anticompetitive behavior in the sale of e-books, antitrust fervor in Europe seems to have hit fever pitch. Apple, Google and Facebook are all subjects of investigation, and Amazon is now the focus

Neuroscientists Are Making an Artificial Brain for Everyone

Nara is AI for the people. Although it seems I’m constantly inundated with personalized recommendations, I can see how Nara’s duplicatable software offers a little more value to the space. After spending some time using Nara today (on mobile and desktop), I can say it

Understand the Past To Create The Future

The drive to build another Silicon Valley may be doomed to fail, but that is not necessarily bad news for regional planners elsewhere. The high-tech economy is not a zero-sum game. The twenty-first century global technology economy is large and complex enough for multiple regions

Evolving A.I. – We Live in the Future

While early science fiction writers might have expected more from AI at this stage, the rest of the world is generally satisfied with our progress. After all, not everyone is ready for humanoid robots or self-learning spaceships. Read more from Wired via Pocket

Silicon Valley can dominate the auto industry

Cars in 2035 could look as different from cars today as today’s iPhone looks from a PC circa 1995. And yet, car sharing is also increasing in popularity. So, which will win out? The fancy new self-driving car or public transportation? It seems the answer

AI: New challenges for the legal profession

The development of Artificial Intelligence, which is likely to speed up in the near future, will bring forth new and complex questions to which no legal system in the world has an answer. It is therefore necessary for the legal community to begin to consider

5 promising private social networks

Diaspora, Sgrouples, Path, EveryMe, or Nextdoor could be the next big thing. The good thing is, these platforms aren’t trying to be like Facebook – they offer something completely different. Of course, every new technology has its downsides… Read more from TechHive via Pocket

The Blackphone Project

How often have you given away your private information? All the time, right? Over the phone with the insurance company, online with your cell provider, etc. Blackphone is one possible solution if you’re looking to control who gets access to your personal data. Read more