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How The Watch Industry Will Save Itself

But what happens when something comes along that renders Bordeaux growers hopelessly stranded and without financial supports? What happens when even Zima gets crushed by something new and strange. I understand what the fanatics are saying for I am one of them. But I also

Understanding the Internet of Things

While the idea of IoT has been around for years, it’s just beginning to enter the consumer space, and the category has yet to mature. But there are good products out there. If you’re looking to buy now, as with anything, do your research, buy

Chain Blog — Bitcoin’s Killer Apps

Bitcoin is in the same place today. Many people are intrigued because they can feel “something is going on.” But they wonder how buying a sandwich with bitcoin is better than using, say, a credit card. As with many breakthroughs, most people think about bitcoin

Three Breakthroughs Have Unleashed AI on the World

Three recent breakthroughs have unleashed the long-awaited arrival of artificial intelligence: Cheap parallel computation, big data, and better algorithms. The future of artificial intelligence is not written in stone. It’s interesting that so many thought leaders have expressed fear for the future of AI –

Disruptive Change Means Our Wildest Dreams Are Within Reach

The only option we have to surf atop the tsunami, rather than be crushed by it, is constant and continuous education and emersion in these exponential technologies to understand what you can use to reinvent yourself and your business every year…While some see this increasing

The Future of Mobile Apps for News

If mobile is to become the dominant vector for news, retaining readers will be much more challenging than it is on a PC or tablet (though the latter tends to engage readers 10x or sometimes 20x more). A news app needs to be steered with

Burning Man: A Line Is Drawn in the Desert

There are two disciplines in which Silicon Valley entrepreneurs excel above almost everyone else. The first is making exorbitant amounts of money. The second is pretending they don’t care about that money…Over the last two years, Burning Man, which this year runs from Aug. 25

British TV industry at risk from US tech and media giants

The chief executive of Channel 4 has warned that large parts of the British television industry are being bought up almost wholesale by US media companies, while the medium faces a longer term existential threat from the increasing involvement of technology giants including Apple and

The World Of Everything-As-A-Service

While outsourcing to external services is certainly not a new concept, the benefits haven’t trickled down to newly launched companies, as the scale required to access most offline outsourcers is prohibitive. Three related factors may explain this disparity. First, with most online “X-as-a-Services,” you can