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Driverless Cars and the Future of Public Transit

smartplanet: Could driverless cars render public transit obsolete? Autonomous, self-driving vehicles promise to revolutionize commuting and travel. They will also disrupt city life and urban transportation systems.

futurist-foresight: Looking at the car of the not too distant future. (via Car Tech Countdown to 2018 [Infographic])

Car-Sharing Services Take Paris by Storm – @Businessweek

Link: Car-Sharing Services Take Paris by Storm – @Businessweek destx: Walk down one of the narrow streets of Paris and there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon one of the world’s most sophisticated car-sharing networks. The Autolib electric car system—marked by the tiny, boxy electric

futuretechreport: Solar powered plane lands in NYC after Historic Flight Across the US Its like the Wright brothers all over again but this time with zero-carbon emissions! Love this story. From the Guardian: “A plane entirely powered by the sun touches down in New York

smartercities: Solving transport headaches in the cities of 2050 | BBC Future With global cities swelling and car use soaring, how will our existing transport systems cope? Ryan Chin at the MIT Media Lab looks at sustainable alternatives that we could see on the streets

climateadaptation: Had a nice chat with a reporter after lunch today. She got me wondering how many electric vs hybrid vs gasoline passenger vehicles were sold worldwide in 2012. So I made a chart. Sources above. About 62 million cars are currently sold every year

marizannek: The Fliz, a bicycle where a harness replaces the saddle and your feet replace the pedals, may be the answer to urban transportation problems. Tom Hambrock and Juri Spette, two German designers, created the Fliz.  Comment: It’s definitely green, but so is the traditional, old