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7 Top Futurists Make Surprising Predictions

In the next 10 years, we will see the gradual transition from an Internet to a brain-net, in which thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories might be transmitted instantly across the planet… It seems the general consensus is: technology will be inside us, outside us and

TFA Presents #9: The Future of Cars & Transportation

In TFA Presents #9 we hear from Gerd Leonhard, Simon Torrance and Rohit Talwar about how digital transformation is affecting cars and transportation. Watch and leave questions in the comments below! See more from FuturistGerd

Silicon Valley can dominate the auto industry

Cars in 2035 could look as different from cars today as today’s iPhone looks from a PC circa 1995. And yet, car sharing is also increasing in popularity. So, which will win out? The fancy new self-driving car or public transportation? It seems the answer

Chinese City of Chongqing Sets Up a ‘No Cell Phone’ Sidewalk

Texting and tweeting? Then keep to the left, people Chongqing, a vast municipality of 28 million in southwest China, has come up with a lighthearted strategy to remind pedestrians of the dangers of looking down at a smartphone while walking — separate lanes for people

On Wellness Travel: We’re All ‘Turning European’

“The rest of us” have long been envious of Europeans. We are constantly hearing about how much vacation time they take — and it’s true. According to Expedia’s latest “Vacation Deprivation” report, the gap between how much time off the average European has vs. the

The Future of Travel Has Arrived: Hotel VR

Obviously, only companies with deep pockets can afford to create installations like the Teleporter; it took three months to create a 90-second experience, making it one of the most labor-intensive entertainment experiences out there. But for Marriott, the expense—which no one would disclose—is well worth

The future of hotels is here

The truth is that hotels can no longer rely on custom-made furniture and Aesop soap to make an impression; the likes of Airbnb, the global accommodation site sensation, mean travellers have never wielded more power through the choices they make. Which raises an important question: