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The Future of Business is here

If you’re looking for an exciting event focused on the future of business, you must get to The London Business School for their Global Leadership Summit on 23 June in London. Check out the programme for this impressive event and if you do attend, be

In 2015 there will be an emphasis on futurism in Africa

Among other interesting trends to watch in Africa this year, futurism will make its way on the list. Mix that with the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project, droneports, augmented reality and other tech programs and I’d say things are about to get really interesting

25 Game-Changing Trends by Daniel Burrus

According to Burrus, visual communications for business will increase, drones will become more mainstream, and mobile banking will be commonplace. Read more disruptive trends from Burrus Research via Pocket

US Consumption of Major Media

analyticisms: Lots of very interesting trends in this chart.  But beyond the obvious growth and, now, domination of digital media, we can’t help noticing that, within digital media, mobile passed online (call us obsessed with mobile everything).

The Joni Mitchell Interview- A CBC Music Exclusive by CBC Music

Why Care About the NSA? – Brian Knappenberger Op-Doc by LeakSourceNews