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Could algorithms help create better venture capitalists?

How can VCs better predict when innovations will survive or fail, both for startups and when corporations launch new products or do acquisitions? That is the problem William Hambrecht, a legendary venture capitalist who made early investments in Apple, Genentech, and Google, is trying to solve with

Jack Myers: Economic Collapse in the Emerging Digital Space?

Jack Myers Video Media Business Report, March 21st, 2012: “Is the littered landscape of overly funded digital companies in danger of overload? I explore this question in this week’s Video Media Business Report. I predicting an economic restructuring of the digital media industry that will

fastcompany: Which startups will rule 2012? Venture capitalists, corporations, private-equity firms, and more poured billions into private companies this year—a huge boon for titans like Facebook and Groupon. Here, the best of the rest starting 2012 with supersize bankrolls.