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Ross: your super intelligent attorney

Built on top of Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer, ROSS is a digital legal expert that helps you power through your legal research. ROSS is an artificially intelligent attorney to help you power through legal research. ROSS improves upon existing alternatives by actually understanding your questions in natural sentences like

Why we need computers that can think

By Tim Cole As we enter the age of Big Data, computers as we know them are simply no longer capable of crunching the numbers fast enough. This is do to the limitations imposed by what is known as the “Von Neuman model” or “Princton

What Can Watson Do For Your Company?

At this point, it’s important to understand that there is a science and an art to every profession. Soon, Watson will know the science better than a human. Humans will need to focus on the art of their profession — the creative elements only they

Five Ways Watson Will Change Computing

We all have data problems. Mike Rhodin, the head of IBM’s Watson division, plans on fixing them. Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence computing platform, is changing the way we compute… from Fast Company via Pocket

Big Think: Is IBM’s Watson Sentient or Cognitive?

[Watson] is a system that improves itself by ingesting all the data it can and by being trained by humans.  And this is a profound shift in computation because whether it’s a powerful supercomputer or it’s your iPad, all of those systems are programmed to

Personal Shopping with Watson

IBM’s Watson gets a taste for personal shopping In 2007 IBM began a research project to build a super­com­put­er that could quick­ly and accu­rate­ly under­stand ques­tions. Seven years later, the com­put­er called Wat­son has shrunk in size and is now going mobile – IBM

IBM’s Watson Gets Its First Piece Of Business In Healthcare

Link: IBM’s Watson Gets Its First Piece Of Business In Healthcare                       Thanks to a business partnership among IBM, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and WellPoint, health care providers will now be able to tap Watson’s expertise in deciding how to treat patients.

Why big data needs human insight (via SmartPlanet)

Link: Why big data needs human insight (via SmartPlanet) “A problem well defined is a problem well solved,” Berlow said. He was referring to the idea that computers can calculate equations with a huge number of variables, but without humans to define the parameters, there’s