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How Technology will Impact our Future? Keynote Presentation by Rudy de Waele (video)

In our series “The Futures Agency Speakers Videos“, here’s a keynote presentation of digital transformation strategist Rudy de Waele on the future impact of technology on business and society at #ECOC14 ( A condensed overview of foresights in the area’s of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities,

futurist-foresight: How wearable tech has evolved since 1980. futuretechreport: Wearable Tech: From 1980 to 2013 Think Google Glass is hard to wear? Check out the roots of wearable tech courtesy of trail blazer Steven Mann. 1980s is when wearable tech was introduced and Mann, a researcher

How Will Wearable Tech Impact the Startup World?

Link: How Will Wearable Tech Impact the Startup World? singularitarian: Products like Google Glass and Nike FuelBand hint at the future of wearable technology. It looks pretty exciting, especially for entrepreneurs already planning to implement it in their own businesses and products.