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Google takes another step in the world of renewable energy by announcing its latest investment in wind power through the construction of a $200 million wind farm. The tech giant’s latest bet on alternative energy has arrived in the form of the Spinning Spur Wind

Onshore Wind May Be Cheaper Than Oil This Decade

Damian Carrington via Electricity produced by wind turbines in the UK may be cheaper than that generated by burning gas within five years, even if the climate-warming pollution from the latter is allowed to be pumped straight into the air. That is one startling Carbon Nation a Great Film – Go See It.

Film director and producer Peter Byck watched An Inconvenient Truth some years ago and thought, “If that is the problem, what is the answer?” Thus began an odyssey now in its forth year to conceive, produce and now to show the new blockbuster documentary, Carbon Nation. The film opens