The Team

Gerd Leonhard


Gerd Leonhard is a unique voice in today’s crowded futurist market. Not only does he take a distinctly pragmatic perspective on the future and avoids the pitfalls of prediction for the insights of actuality, Gerd teaches how the entire organization and the complete individual may futurize themselves, bringing together humanism and technology in a singular fusion. An early music pioneer of the internet, Gerd has evolved into an unmissable agent of positive change for corporates and public bodies of every size. His latest book, Technology vs. Humanity, outlines the present world’s most dramatic dilemma. Audiences treasure Gerd for his lucid talks, panoptic glances, his ironic take on events, and most of all his strategic recipes.


Jean François Cardella

Art Director and Producer

Producer, art director and film-maker Jean-Francois Cardella enables organizations of all kinds develop and drive their media assets by creating film and art products from features, factuals and corporate video to web platforms and event movies. In the emerging age of visualization, Jean-Francois transforms complex enterprise concepts into immersive story experiences which grow audience and trigger buy-in. Together with Gerd Leonhard, he is currently reinventing the visual side of the conference industry to match film-world production values.


Gabriele Bauer

Senior Business Manager

Gabriele looks back at a well-travelled management career in airline and corporate travel, with considerable streaks of marketing, social media, digital distribution, and project management. She co-produced a musical in 2009, and is accounted for promotional campaigns for several international musicians. The Swiss citizen with roots in Germany worked for Gerd Leonhard and his The Futures Agency since 2010. Today, Gabriele is responsible for all contracting and invoicing matters, as well as Gerd Leonhard’s publishing business – ‘Technology vs. Humanity‘ in particular. Since February 2019 she handles Gerd’s international speaking engagements (ad interim).
Contact Gabriele: +41 79 861 41 42 or +41 79 791 00 49, Mon-Fri 9-15h (CET)


Melanie Schmitz

TFA Speakers & Social Media

Melanie brings a rich portfolio in public relations, marketing, communications and methodical coaching to The Futures Agency with in-depth experience with companies and organisation in the German speaking region, primarily in event management and moderation on all levels and for diverse target groups. Part-time at The Futures Agency since 2015 as Business Manager for The Futures Agency, Melanie is our first stop for our network of selected futurists and related speaker liaisons.
Contact Melanie: +41 44 586 9006 (CET)


Sylvain Collet

Film Editor & Motion Graphic Artist

Film Editor and Motion Graphic Artist, Sylvain Collet takes graphic design to a whole new level, bringing still graphics to life with visual effects, animations, and cinematic techniques to make our productions unique and engaging. Sylvain’s goal is communicating Gerd Leonhard’s  messages on an entire new visual dimension, evoking an emotional response from our audience. Prior to joining Stories From The Future, Sylvain worked for TED X, Ferrari, Virbac and the global luxury Group Francois Pinault.


Peter Vander Auwera

Content Curator Digital Ethics

Before joining The Futures Agency, Peter worked as Innovation Lead and Events Curator for SWIFT. He was the co-founder of Innotribe (SWIFT’s Innovation Initiative). During his tenure at Microsoft, he won the 2005 Bill Gates Award for his work on Digital Identity. Peter is a Top-100 Futurist Influencer 2018, and member of the WEF Personal Data Expert Group. Passionate about technology and its impact on society, his ambition is to inspire other people to dream: he creates interventions, interruptions and provocations that lead to higher states of alertness and aliveness. Peter is studying painting at the Academy of Arts in Ghent. As content curator at TFA, Peter co-produces Gerd’s Digital Ethics newsletter, blog posts, and podcasts.
Contact Peter: +32 479 98 32 50 (CET)