Futurist Workshop in Copenhagen January 19, 2016

Learn to discover the future and teach others to do the same. How? Just join the Futurist Workshop offered by Louise Fredb0-Nielsen and FutureNavigator Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark , January 19-20, 2016

This is what people are saying:

I have been inspired, motivated and put further in my own development through your information, provocation and challenges that came with smiles, humor and a huge commitment. I have found the way and a link between my own development and community and business development. In short: information, tools and insight = energy to act! I would like to recommend Future Navigator and the great team for having created a concept that can be used both for personal, professional and social development and delivered in a fun, competent and ambitious way. I am full of admiration and I am deeply inspired! Once in a full moon, I participate in a workshop where chemistry, content and facilitation just comes together in a wonderful way. It did this time! I would simply recommend everybody, who has a little doubt about what the future looks like, to participate. The workshop has given me insight, hope and motivation to continue working with my own ideas about counselling in management…

The workshop is run and organized by Future Navigator FUTURENAVIGATOR.COM

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