The most futuristic predictions that came true in 2015 (good Gizmodo summary)

The future is already here. It’s time to reflect on the most futuristic breakthroughs and developments of the past year in our end of year review. This year’s crop features a slew of remarkable scientific and technological achievements, from an actual working hoverboard to cyborgized brains. Read more…

baidu self-driving buses

The top 10 predictions that finally came true in 2015:

  • AI warnings went prime time
  • We finally got a working Hoverboard. Sort of.
  • A game of 20 Questions was played using a brain-link
  • A 2-year-old girl became the youngest person to undergo cryonic preservation
  • A Transhumanist is running for U.S. President
  • Doctors performed the most extensive face transplant in medical history
  • The future paid us a visit in a Robot-Driven Motorcycle
  • War in Syria prompted the first withdrawal from the Doomsday Seed Vault
  • A Robot passed a rudimentary self-awareness test
  • A pioneering Gene-Editing Therapy reversed cancer in a baby girl

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Pics via Gizmodo:

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