First Impressions Biznes Trendy Gala and Gerd Leonhard`s Keynote

Here are the first picture impressions from last weeks Biznes Trendy Gala in Warsaw. The Grand Final Gala program involving Gerd Leonhard and Prof. Peter Płoszajski. The meeting was attended by over 130 entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and recognized experts from business, finance and business organizations.

The Gala was organized by Soneta, a Polish company whose mission is focused on innovation through new technologies, creating innovative solutions and supporting science.

To see him live, visit his YouTube channel, where many live recordings of his recent speeches and keynotes have been published.

Gerd Leonhard was recently listed #88 of the top 100 influencers in ICT in Europe by Wired Magazine 2015, and #17 on the global futurist rankings.

More photos published on Biznes Trendy Facebook page.

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