The future of work – interview with Rudy de Waele (video)

Learn about the new trends on the Future of Work and HR in this 11 minute interview with The Futures Agency‘s partner Rudy de Waele and Worklife Hub at HRM Expo in Cologne in September 2015.

“The new ROI is happiness. People management is no longer about efficiency, as robots will be doing all the repetitive tasks.”

Worklife Hub did this interview podcast with Rudy earlier this year, where he talks about the impact of technology on the workplace and what HR can learn from start-ups.

Below are the slides of Rudy’s keynote talk at #HRMExpo in Cologne on “Reshaping Work in the Digital Age“. The presentation focuses on the digital transformation of the workspace, the influence of AI and Robotics on the Future of Work, and the important role of “human” in HR, and larger trends for HR over the next few years.

“The democratisation of work today, is powered by digital ecosystems. New platform tools are creating different ways of working together on how we organise our work more efficiently. People want to work for companies that reflect their values and purpose.”

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Below are some key takeaways from this presentation, noted by Alan O’Rourke on the Work Compass publication.

HRMExpo Rudy De Waele - Conclusions

Work 4.0 and the Digitization of the Workplace – Rudy de Waele, Keynote

  • Let’s go back to the “human” in human resources & empower people to do great things.
  • Happiness is the new ROI for your employees: invest in creativity/purpose/mindfulness.
  • Stimulate continuous learning.
  • Change the way you evaluate your people, empower them / HR professionals need to ‘let go’, empower humans.
  • We are entering an area where ‘impossible’ increasingly becomes ‘doable’.
  • Computers now being programmed to teach themselves. AI is a “scary prospect.” Serious thinking required from humans.

Coming Trends for HR

  • Crowdfunding will be bigger than VC funding in 2016
  • Millennials want to work for companies with a pure, sustainable purpose

Essential Focal Points for HR Managers

  • The best startups focus on data, learn quickly, pivot and move on. – Rudy de Waele


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